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Hungerford, Berkshire

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Hello, my name is Chris Bessent and my business is The Clockmaker.  Welcome to my website.  I have been working with clocks since the late 1970’s. Like many small boys, I enjoyed taking things apart (and sometimes even putting them back together again!) but in my case it developed into a passion and a profession.
I served my apprenticeship with a large independent jewellers in Wiltshire who were also Rolex agents.  I stayed with them for a total of ten years during which time I developed my expertise and gained substantial experience of all types of clocks.  After managing a high street jewellers in Bath, I spent a number of years in a variety of horological workshops around the country including those supporting the London trade.  
My move to Hungerford came in 2000 where I began to build up my own repair and restoration business.  I moved to my present location in 2003 when I took over a superbly located shop just off the High Street. You can have a look inside by clicking here.
For the past ten years, in addition to servicing and restoring clocks and barometers,  I have been making clocks from scratch using the wide variety of skills gained in a lifetime’s experience.  
I have also taught others how to repair clocks.  Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my website.  I hope you find what you are looking for and that I shall be able to be of service to you, now or in the future.