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Servicing & Repairs

These are the questions we are asked most often about servicing and repairs.  Click on each question to find out our answers.

How often should I have my clock serviced?


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How often should I have my clock serviced?

At the Clockmaker we have the ability and experience to be able to service and repair the whole range of clocks from those made in the late 16th Century right up to the present day. We are often asked, “How regularly should my clock be serviced?”  The answer is always the same: there is no fixed interval.  A clock is an individual and the time for a service depends on its history, how it has been cared for and how well any previous servicing or repairs have been carried out.  The time to have your clock serviced is when its timekeeping is becoming unreliable or its mechanism erratic (e.g. irregular striking).  If it is consistently losing or gaining then that can usually be adjusted without the need for a full service.  We are not in the business of creating work and prefer to do a thorough job when it is needed rather than unnecessary servicing on a routine basis.