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Servicing & Repairs

These are the questions we are asked most often about servicing and repairs.  Click on each question to find out our answers.

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What do you do in a service?

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What do you do in a service?

All our servicing is based on a holistic approach.  The movement is dismantled and all parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked for wear.  If any wear is found this is removed before reassembly, oiling and testing.  If replacement parts are needed, these are readily available for more modern clocks.  However, for the majority of our work we make new parts by hand.  We will never just replace a part (e.g. a broken spring) without the full dismantling, cleaning and checking process.  This ensures that we give our customers the best possible service by correcting any other deficiencies while the clock is dismantled.  It is also the only basis on which we can provide a three-year guarantee.